The Serbian Orthodox Cemetery in Brookwood


Over many years our parishioners have been mainly buried in the Kensal Green Cemetery, which is situated near our church.

A need to have our own, Serbian cemetery arose over time. The opportunity presented itself in the 1980s when the British authorities allowed a part of the Brookwood cemetery in Surrey to be sold to individuals or religious institutions.

The initiator and the man in charge of buying the cemetery was a respectable parishioner and vice-president of the London Church Community, Mr Boshko Stanojlovic.

It is worth noting here that the Brookwood cemetery is the only remaining cemetery in England still largely governed by the British Parliament.

The monks at St. Edward’s monastery bought this land while they were under the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. At first, we bought 200 graves from them. A few years later, the church administration accepted the monks’ offer and bought another piece of land acquiring freehold in addition, thus making this land an exclusive possession of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

The cemetery is conveniently situated near London at the distance of 30 miles (48 kilometres). It is properly built – there is a small house in the Serbian style consisting of all the necessary facilities for people to gather after funerals or shield themselves in bad weather.

If you want to learn more, please see the Statute of the cemetery.

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If you need information about graves/plots please contact the Church office.

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